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Clonedrive Burns Image Files
Clone Drive

Summary: This post is intended to tell you how Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive burns image files, whose multiple features stand out from its rivals and further gives optimal user experience. Meanwhile, a professional alternative will be recommended when you aim to figure out something for a change.


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PART 1: People Also Ask

  1. What is Virtual Clonedrive?

PART 2: Everything about Redfox Virtual Clonedrive

  1. Slysoft v.s Redfox
  2. What is Redfox/Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive?
  3. Key Features of Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive
  4. How to Use Virtual Clonedrive
  5. Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive Review

PART 3: Virtual Clonedrive Alternative

  1. DVDFab Virtual Drive
  2. Main Features of DVDFab Virtual Drive
  3. How to Use Virtual Drive (DVDFab )

PART 4 Conclusion


PART 1: People Also Ask


What is Virtual Clonedrive?

Virtual Clonedrive works like a physical CD, DVD or Blu-ray optical drive but exists virtually. With Virtual Clonedrive software mounted on PC, ISO, BIN or CDD image files can be inserted into the virtual drive from an HDD or a network drive, which is a hassle-free means of easily accessing the contents of your CDs, DVDs or BDs, whatever they contain audios, videos, movies even simple data, without inserting any discs into the physical drive. In a nutshell, Virtual Clonedrive is a faster and more convenient option to burning image files to a CD or DVD.


PART 2: Everything about Redfox Virtual Clonedrive


2.1 Redfox v.s Slysoft

Redfox, formerly known as Slysoft, is a software development company based in Belize, and continues to keep Slysoft’s online forum but had replaced the previous brand ‘Slysoft’ with ‘Redfox’.


2.2. What is Slysoft (Redfox) Virtual Clonedrive?

Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive, now famous as Redfox Virtual Clonedrive, mounts and works like a real CD and DVD drive but virtually exists. With this tool, ISO, BIN and CCD disc images can be mounted onto a virtual drive from your hard disc or network drive and used in the same way as inserted into a normal physical CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive.


2.3 Key Features of Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive

This Redfox virtual clonedrive boasts striking features to retain lots of regular users and attract potential ones. Let’s look at below highlights that have made Redfox the virtual clonedrive torrent among the rest rivals.

  • Freeware and intuitive interface
  • Supports all mainstream image formats such as ISO, BIN and CCD
  • Mounts up to 15 virtual drives at the same time
  • Emulation of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray media
  • Easily mounts files with virtual clonedrive
  • Automounts last image and ejects unmount image
  • Known as the lightest image mounting application

However, this virtual clonedrive, also named as virtual sheep, sets some limitations on your Windows operating system.

  • Windows XP/XP64/VISTA/VISTA64/Win7/Win7-64/Win8/Win8-64/Win10/Win10-64
  • Mount virtual clonedrive via administrator rights

By the way, why do people call it ‘Virtual Sheep’? As can be seen from Forums, this vivid name replaces the Windows icon of a removable media drive with a sheep. So, with the icon of a sheep, some users tend to name this virtual clonedrive software ‘Virtual Sheep’.


2.4 How to Use Virtual Clonedrive

As mentioned above from its main features, Redfox Virtual Clonedrive can be mounted within several clicks and works seamlessly with your Windows OS. Here come the simple steps on how to use this virtual clonedrive.

Step 1: download Virtual CloneDrive

Go to to download virtual clonedrive (latest version for Windows 7 or choose virtual clonedrive free download for Windows 7/64 bit. Of course, as a freeware, virtual clonedrive download Windows 10 is also available. Well, whatever Windows OS you select, a smooth virtual clonedrive download is the first priority.

Step 2: mount files with virtual clonedrive

After download, you need to mount this virtual clonedrive by choosing accepting the following license before installation (see below screenshot).

How to Use Virtual Clonedrive

You shall select the optional components when you aim to clone image files in the form of ISO, BIN and CDD to the virtual drive. Simply tick what you need and tab ‘Next’ button. Then choose your desired directory to install Virtual CloneDrive (usually C drive is preferred). Once done, you must reboot your computer in order to launch the Redfox virtual clonedrive.

Redfox Virtual Clonedrive

Step 3: run and customize Slysoft Virtual CloneDrive

After mounting virtual clonedrive, you shall launch the program and choose the number of drives you want to clone your image files. In the meantime, you can customize what to do when cloning CDs or DVDs. For example, you can opt for ‘Show Tray Icon’ so that other operations can be performed during cloning process.

Customize Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive

Step 4: start to copy CDs or DVDs

Once done, click ‘Mount’, browse to an ISO image, and selected it. Then Copied CDs and DVDs played normally in our usual player. When you return to ‘Explorer’, your new virtual drive will display its contents.

One more word, this easy-to-use Virtual CloneDrive allows for settings for 18 languages, which provides easy access to international users around the world. The above are the simple steps on how to use this virtual clonedrive.


2.5 Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive Review

As a beginner, you might intend to read through Slysoft virtual clonedrive reviews its Forums or from the internet. As a matter of fact, Redfox virtual clonedrive has won wide popularity since its first release. Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. This tiny tool has pros and cons.

Merits: free, fast, easy to distinguish virtual drives from physical drives
Downsides: CD or DVD images must be accessible and will take up much space

Anyway, it can be concluded that this virtual clonedrive had ever been well-received by lots of users who anticipate fast and quality mounting files with this Slysoft virtual drive free. Such is the glorious past. But even today, numerous users are still choose to trust in this program.


PART 3: Virtual Clonedrive Alternative

Freeware as it is, Redfox Virtual Clonedrive will let users down when cloning disc images with huge space hogs. You shall be prepared to give up the space as long as you have the file accessible. If you cannot tolerate such defect, you had better resort to an alternative tool like DVDFab Virtual Drive.

3.1 DVDFab Virtual Drive

This free and professional virtual clonedrive is a virtual DVD and Blu-ray emulator that allows for emulation up to a maximum of 18 drives and works with DVD and Blu-ray image files created by DVDFab and other programs.

3.2 Main Features of DVDFab Virtual Drive

  • Freeware, clean and simple user interface
  • Emulates 18 drives (auto-select number from 0-18) at most for DVD and Blu-ray image files
  • Plays a Blu-ray (ISO/Folder) backup on PC with PowerDVD 8 (above)
  • Auto-mounts the last image and unmounts all drives when existing
  • Supports 20 languages available

3.3 How to Use Virtual Clonedrive (DVDFab)

This free and personalized virtual drive can be used within simple clicks without any effort.

Step 1: customize settings

After downloading virtual drive and fast installation, set the drives to-be-emulated via right-clicking DVDFab Virtual Drive icon that has been minimized into the system tray, and clicking “Number of Drives” to specify the number you desire.

Step 2: mount ISO image file to one of your virtual drives

Solution 1: right-click the ISO file, you will see a “Mount” option that will list available virtual drives.
Solution 2: right-click DVDFab Virtual Drive icon that will offer mount options for each drive.
Solution 3: to remounting the ISO files you have opened, just right-click DVDFab Virtual Drive icon, and click “Recently Used Images” to select the ISO you sim to remount.

Step 3: playback the mounted ISO files

Download and run this best media player, DVDFab Player 6, click “Open Files” button and choose the ISO file mounted by the virtual drive to start playing the movie.

DVDFab Virtual Drive

The above-mentioned alternative can be the optimal solution when you feel helpless to address your image files. Since its release, numerous users have expressed their love for it.



In a word, Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive burning image files will be of great help to you! From this post, you might have got the hang of how to use virtual clonedrive on Windows OS with Slysoft Virtual Clonedrive and DVDFab Virtual Drive. These two tools are of free charge but with diverse features. However, in terms of compatibility and user-friendliness, the latter is more compelling. As freeware, it shall worth your full trial.



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