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Clone CD
Clone CD

Summary: This post gives you a bird’s view of Redfox CloneCD, an easy-to-use CD burning program. With the wide popularity of full-featured DVD copy tools, like DVDFab DVD Copy, you will probably want a change when speaking of disc backups.

Table of Content

PART 1: A Complete Guide to Redfox CloneCD

  1. What Is CloneCD?
  2. Highlighted Features of Redfox CloneCD
  3. How to Register Redfox CloneCD?
  4. How to Use Redfox CloneCD?
  5. CD v.s. DVD

PART 2: Alternative DVD Burning Software | DVDFab DVD Copy

  1. Features of DVDFab DVD Copy
  2. How to Copy DVDs with DVDFab DVD Copy


Years ago, CDs were the main media format for software and computer programs, followed by DVDs coming into being with much wider popularity. But CDs are not 100% dying business due to their cost-effectiveness and convenience for storing audio files. Besides, data stored on a CD will not be damaged even if played many times. So, this article will introduce you a popular CD copy software that outshines its rivals when it comes to processing CDs.


PART 1: A Complete Guide to Redfox CloneCD

What Is Redfox CloneCD?

Redfox CloneCD is a pretty perfect tool to make copies of music and data CDs, without worrying over copy protections. Its intuitive interface allows users to copy almost any CDs with several mouse clicks.

Highlighted Features of Redfox CloneCD 

Once you check the below stunning features of Slysoft CloneCD (predecessor of Redfox CloneCD), it’s easy to understand why it has gained wide popularity among all CD lovers.

  • First burning software that adopts RAW-Mode
  • Creates 1:1 copy onto CD-Rs and CD-RWs
  • Amplifies/Emulates weak sectors with selected/all CD writers
  • Works with CD-ROMs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs
  • Writes audio CDs that conform to Redbook standard
  • Tray-icon allows control over functional usage of inserted media
  • Copies from CD/DVD drives, hard-drive or virtual drives
  • Stable, fast and not requiring an ASPI driver
  • Flexible customized options for newbies and expert users

This CloneCD serial sets requirements on Windows OS.

  • Windows with minimum 2 GHz Processor and 1 GB RAM
  • Windows XP/XP64/VISTA/VISTA64/Win7/Win7-64/Win8/Win8-64/Win10/Win10-64
  • Necessary administrator rights before installation
  • CD/DVD reader or CD/DVD writer

How to Register Redfox CloneCD?

As a Redfox buff, you can buy and register CloneCD Serial, be it CloneCD 3, CloneCD Serial Crack, or CloneCD Full, even the latest update CloneCD Full. You will feel amazed at its compatibility and constant improvements. As to how to register CloneCD, the following CloneCD guide will be of great use.

  • Ensure stable access to the internet connection
  • Exit any virus guard program
  • Download CloneCD crack (from or
  • Reboot PC after CloneCD download and installation
  • Run CloneCD crack, copy the registration key and paste it in the directory as an administrator.
  • Upgrade CloneCD to its full version to enjoy all its advanced features

How to Use Redfox CloneCD?

As mentioned before, this CD burning program is easy to operate for all users.

Step 1: Download CloneCD Free and enter its main interface

You can choose Slysoft CloneCD free download or download Slysoft CloneCD, or its highest version.

Download and Install Redfox CloneCD

Step 2: Select CD-reader and copy from CD-reader to image file

Select CD Reader

Step 3: Customize CloneCD settings

Customize Paremerters

Here, you can customize CloneCD Update, Buffer size, Drive Control mode, Sounds Selection, Auto Play mode, Auto Insert Notification, Language Choice…All these options are at your disposal. Once you finish all the settings, tab ‘OK’ and wait for the final result.

Select Sounds as Needed

Ok. After understanding the above-mentioned CloneCD manual, you can try to create your own CD files with this copy tool.

CD v.s. DVD

Well, though CDs are easily accessible, they fail to match with DVDs in the following aspects.


CD (full name Compact Disc), is an optical medium able to store digital data up to 700 MB. Normally, it can save CD audio file up to 80 minutes or video up to 60 minutes. DVD (short for Digital Versatile Disc), is also an optical medium used to store digital data, capable of holding 4.7 GB of data. Therefore, the latter is widely used to store large files such as videos and movies.


Prior to DVD, CD was in style on the media market. It surpasses over cassette and VHS tapes since data saved on a CD will not deteriorate even if played repeatedly. Later, DVD surpassed the early starter due to its high compatibility. When speaking of expenses, CD is popular among music album producers.


Almost all DVD players enable playback for DVDs and CDs, but CD players fail to play DVD contents.

Slysoft, replaced with Redfox brand, made breakthroughs throughout years of experience and highlighted interactions with users via Forum. Thus, CloneCD 5 has witnessed such improvements by creating CD copies with the highest quality. So, if you are looking for ideal CD copy software for quality CD backups, this program will bring you desired results.


PART 2: Alternative DVD Copy Software


When you want to create DVD copies, DVDFab DVD Copy shall be your top priority. It is a well-received DVD copy software program with a 30-day free trial available. It can burn a DVD to any blank disc (DVD±R/RW and DVD±R DL), or copy it as an ISO file and a folder stored on HDD or other media servers. The whole copy process is extremely fast, less than 5 minutes; the backup quality is also beyond expectations.

Features of DVDFab DVD Copy

Considering the robust features of this professional DVD burning software,  you might as well have a full trial right now.

  • Copy any DVD to any blank DVD disc or save as ISO/folder on HDD
  • Copy DVDs with 6 modes (Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split and Customize)
  • Remove DVD Copy protection automatically
  • Lossless backup to DVD-9 or compress to DVD-5
  • GPU hardware acceleration enables lightning-fast backup speed
  • User-friendly interface and ample customized options

How to Copy DVDs with DVDFab DVD Copy Free and Fast

This DVD copy program are well liked by newbies and regular users, even by professionals and enthusiasts. As for how to use it for free, refer to the following guide.

First, launch DVDFab DVD Copy and import source DVD

Then, choose one Copy mode and customize output DVD

Finally, start to copy DVD

Note that DVDFab Cinavia Removal Solution is devoted to removing Cinavia watermarks in order to create backup discs that are playable on Cinavia-enabled playback devices, like a PS3.



Now you might have gained a better understanding of Redfox CloneCD, a reliable CD burning program that offers stunning user experience.

Nevertheless, it’s still worth your full trial to copy DVDs with DVDFab DVD Copy. Becasue this DVD copy software can make copies of your videos, audios and movies. Above all, DVDFab DVD Copy can bring higher quality and faster backup speed when compared with CloneCD.

By the way, if you want to create a DVD backup, you can also try out Redfox CloneDVD.

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