RedFox AnyDVD HD Born to Decrypt DVDs and Blu-rays

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Decrypt DVDs and Blu-rays
Decrypt DVDs and Blu-rays

Summary: This article aims to give a full picture of RedFox AnyDVD HD from multiple perspectives such as features, download, installation, license and latest version. Meanwhile, alternative products are designed for those who do not always choose RedFox software.


Article Contents

PART 1: Overall Guide to RedFox AnyDVD HD

  1. SlySoft AnyDVD & RedFox AnyDVD
  2. What is RedFox AnyDVD HD?
  3. Key Features of RedFox AnyDVD HD
  4. Download, Installation and License of RedFox AnyDVD HD
  5. Operation Guide to RedFox AnyDVD HD

PART 2:  RedFox AnyDVD HD Alternative

  1. DVDFab Passkey
  2. DVDFab HD Decrypter
  3. DVDFab Cinavia Removal Solution

PART 3: Conclusion


For home theater enthusiasts, it is often the case that a window pops up reminding ‘this DVD or Blu-ray contains copy protection’ when playing DVD or BD movies, even ripping DVDs. What a frustrating moment! Actually, almost all commercial disc makers adopt various protection schemes, like CSS, RCE and UoPs, to protect their movie copyrights.

Anyway, there are ways out there to enjoy pure movie content by decryption software. Here comes AnyDVD, a popular tool designed to remove copy-prevention and user operation prohibitions (UoPs), whose upgrading version, AnyDVD HD, works well for HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. However, RedFox AnyDVD HD is not the sole solution to decryption before DVD or Blu-ray disc playback. Alternate software like DVDFab HD Decrypter, DVDFab Passkey and DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal can achieve the same goal, even beyond your expectations. This writing will offer guidance to your purchase of protection removal tools.


PART 1: Overall Guide to RedFox AnyDVD HD

To get an over-all understanding of this easy-to-use program, the following details shall be brought to your full attention.

SlySoft AnyDVD & RedFox AnyDVD

SlySoft (replaced by RedFox brand) had shuttered its operations due to regulatory requirements after its nearly 13-year normal business. Soon after its termination of business, a new company named RedFox (a software company based in Belize) has taken over control SlySoft’s full set of software, let alone AnyDVD. Besides, previous forum of SlySoft continued to operate with an another label, RexFox. bz Forum. Below screenshot was an official statement of RexFox made in 2016, the year when SlySoft was forced to close down.

Redfox AnyDVD HD

What is RedFox AnyDVD HD?

RedFox AnyDVD HD is Windows-based software that aims to remove restrictions of DVD and Blu-ray discs when inserted in optical drives, which performs automatically and transparently in the background to read all contents of DVDs or Blu-rays. With this protection removal program, you can watch all disc contents without a hitch, even work with other editing tools like CloneDVD and CloneBD.  Besides, it selectively disables RPC region codes, thus making movie region free and entirely viewed on DVD or Blu-ray player, even relevant playback software like DVDFab Player 6 and hardware as DVDFab Movie Server.

Key Features of RedFox AnyDVD HD

This program has won numerous fans via below Some appealing features.

  • Work automatically and transparently in the background
  • Remove restrictions (including parental ones) and region code from DVDs and Blu-rays
  • Remove CD digital audio protection
  • Disable forced subtitles, forced delays, no-skip marks and other restrictions
  • Skip studio logos and warning messages
  • Allow for external programs on disc insertion and removal
  • Rip disc content to HDD or image file

Quick Installation of Redfox AnyDVD HD


For more detailed information on the respective features when processing DVDs and Blu-rays with RedFox AnyDVD HD, you can find your wanted answers on

Download, Installation and License of RedFox AnyDVD HD

With years of improvements, RedFox AnyDVD has released its upgrading version RedFox AnyDVD HD, with its Beta version updated on Dec 18, 2019. When you intend to remove protections of DVDs or Blu-rays, you need to download this RedFox software from where free trial and paid versions are available. As mentioned above, this program is merely accessible to Windows OS. Hence, AnyDVD HD Linux or Mac is still under discussion. Note that you had better download RedFox AnyDVD HD (64 bit), since lower version cannot carry the newly added features.

After download, install RedFox AnyDVD HD and you will see a window asking you to proceed with free trial or full license. Once choosing the former, you will be reminded of 21-day free use and the specific expiry date of the free trial. Nevertheless, with free trial, this software can only work with stable internet connection. After all, RedFox AnyDVD HD freeware fails to suit your all demands. Special tips are as below.

AnyDVD HD License

However, if you choose the full license, that means you are going to purchase RedFox License Key, a registration key used to prevent the trial use expiring after 21 days. Thus, once you get RedFox AnyDVD HD license key, you are entitled to the full features of this software. Upon clicking license key, you will enter its payment page as follows. Unfortunately, below labeled price for each program is not that competitive compared to homogeneous products.

Purchase Redfox License Key

Purchase RedFox AnyDVD HD lifetime key to keep pace with subsequent upgrading versions so that you can enjoy all newly features and affiliated services with higher quality prior to other users, which can be well embodied in the saying ‘Early birds catch the worms’.

Any issues relating to RedFox AnyDVD HD download key can be resolved from RedFox forum, a place offering diverse solutions to all related questions. Alternatively, you can gain more information from other sites that has reviewed RedFox AnyDVD HD.

Operation Guide to RedFox AnyDVD HD

After running this program, you will be taken to its main interface where several options and dorp-down menu are offered in the left control panel for your preference. After you have inserted a DVD or Blu-ray disc, click ‘Status’ to check the detailed information of loaded DVD or BD.

Note that RedFox AnyDVD HD can only read disc contents, which means you cannot import ISOs or folders. This might be a small defect of this tool. But no worry, what follows in this article will recommend you several alternative programs to make up this fault.

Before processing DVDs or Blu-rays, enter ‘Program Settings’ where you can tick desired options as necessary. Remember RedFox AnyDVD HD allows for protection removal for DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs. Go ahead to click the settings you need before pressing ‘Start’ button.

Customized Settings after Installation

One thing worth mentioning is that this program can auto-work in the playground, implying that you can launch external programs when it is processing inserted DVD, Blu-ray or CD. When you process video Blu-ray, you have an extra privilege to enjoy its speedup menu with premium designs aiming at reducing waiting time to view BD movies. But this feature is merely available to paid version. In addition, AnyDVD Cinavia free feature will make your BD content more complete.

AnyDVD HD Speed Menu Designs

With above details, the pros and cons of RedFox AnyDVD HD might be as plain as daylight. As a saying goes each road leads to Rome. Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with other options when you anticipate removing copy protection.


PART 2: RedFox AnyDVD HD Alternative

Out of price and full features, you may choose other alternate programs to remove impediments before gaining comfortable viewing experience. The following software can be your optimal choice.

DVDFab Passkey

DVDFab Passkey is a Windows-based driver that works on the fly to decrypt DVD and Blu-ray discs, through which almost all known DVD or BD copy protections and region codes can be removed in seconds to ensure you enjoy a smooth movie viewing. Note that this decryption software can be purchased respectively via Passkey for DVD and Passkey for Blu-ray ports, but these two tools are integrated into DVDFab Passkey. In addition, DVDFab Passkey Lite, also embedded in DVDFab Passkey, is a free version for you to process limited protections. To have its full features, you are recommended to subscribe to the paid version.

This program is dedicated to removing protections of (HD) DVDs, BDs, Audio CDs and Hybrid Disc. When processing Blu-rays, you can adjust the distribution of BD player regions as needed. Besides, 3D disc playback mode can be changed as you want. In addition, external program can be launched when inserted media is changed. For DVDs, you can make adjustments to subtitle transparency as you want. Last but not the least, this tool can rip DVDs or BDs to HDD or ISO image file.

Download and Install DVDFab Passkey

DVDFab HD Decrypter

This decryption tool is a cost-free and simplified combination designed to remove encryption when you running DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy or Blu-ray Ripper module, which allows you to copy or convert nearly all DVDs (adult DVDs and those containing multiple VTS protections excluded) and Blu-rays released before 2018. However, this freeware works with limited copy modes and conversion profiles.

DVDFab Cinavia Removal Solution

This Cinavia-free software is able to remove, completely and permanently, irritating Cinavia protections embedded in the audio tracks of most Blu-ray discs so that you can enjoy lossless movie contents on DVD or Blu-ray standalone players. Moreover, Cinavia-free audio like lossless AC3 is of high quality that equals to the original. With Cinavia removal, there will be no halted or muted audio during the whole playback. Similarly, you can buy DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal or Blu-ray Cinavia Removal according to your actual need.

By the way, never worry about the price of the above-mentioned alternative tools, you will certainly gain a big discount out of expectations and are accessible to their free versions.

DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal Born to Remove Protections



RedFox AnyDVD HD, with its predecessor SlySoft AnyDVD, has evolved with time and the application of cutting-edge technologies, which has provided easy access to removing restrictions when users watch movies at home cinemas. Anyway, those who are keen on watching DVDs or Blu-rays with disc players at home have a wider range of choice when deciding what to choose in order to gain a well-content film experience. Do not forget DVDFab protection removal tools are always your optimal choice.



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