How to Copy a DVD in Windows 10

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how to copy dvd in windows 10
how to copy dvd in windows 10

Want to learn how to copy DVD to computer using Windows Media Player? Or the other players specialize in how to copy a DVD in Windows 10. CDs and DVDs have been useful for storing videos, movies, games, and other files in the last decade. But now that we have other storage mediums like flash drives, Blu-Ray, or cloud storage and some of them come for a similar price. So, you may want to store your files and videos in the latest storage mediums to keep up with the latest technology trends or for taking additional backups.

Today, we will tell you about the best free DVD copy software and teach you how to copy a CD in Windows 10 using them.

DVDFab DVD Copy – Best DVD Copy Windows 10 Software

Except for learning how to copy DVD to computer using Window Media Player, we have been using DVDFab DVD Copy for quite some time, and we absolutely love it. It can easily be called the best DVD copy Windows 10 software that you can find on the internet.

Commercial CDs and DVDs have different forms of encryption like Content Scramble system, Analog Protection System, etc., which prevents users from taking backups illegally. DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the very few copy DVD Windows 10 software present in the market that can break through any form of encryption.

Plus, these decryption systems are present in the cloud. So, as soon as a new form of encryption appears, the software to copy DVDs will take measures to decrypt it and upload it to the cloud. So, you don’t have to wait for the latest release of DVDFab to decrypt the newer commercial disks. All you need to do is to wait for 5-10 seconds.

If you have a storage crunch, you may want to compress your videos present on a DVD-9 to DVD-5. You can find a lot of software that can do this task, but DVDFab’s DVD copy software will seamlessly compress the videos present on a DVD-9 to a DVD-5 while making sure that the quality remains the same. You will be able to play the compressed DVD-5 disk on any standalone home player.

This copy DVD to DVD Windows 10 program will allow you to copy the contents of one disk to another blank disk or even copy them to your hard drive in the form of ISO files or as a VIDEO_TS folder. You can later burn these files easily using different software to burn DVDs.

Another thing that makes DVDFab the best software to copy DVDs is the fact that it can copy more than one CD or DVD at once. You can even add up multiple disks at once and put them in the queue, and set their order. Then you can just sit back and let this free DVD copy application do the rest.

And the entire process is extremely fast. If you want to copy files from one disk to another, the time will depend on the speed of the optical drive. If you want to copy files from DVD and store them on your PC, it will only take 3 to 5 minutes.

These are some of the most important features that make DVDFab the best free DVD copy software. You can find out even more about it by visiting their website. You can even give it a try. The number of features that come with the free version is limited, and you will need to buy a license to get access to the rest of them. However, the features that come with it give you great value for money.

How to Copy a DVD in Windows 10 Using DVDFab DVD Copy

It is simple to use DVDFab DVD Copy to tackle problems on how to copy a DVD on Windows 10. You just need to follow three steps.

Step 1:

Download DVDFab DVD Copy from their site and open it. Click on the Copy option on top of the window. If you want to copy the contents of one DVD to your PC or another disk, simply insert the disc that you want to copy and DVDFab will detect it. If you want to copy an ISO file or a folder to a CD/DVD, drag and drop it on the window.

how to copy a dvd in windows 10 with dvdfab dvd copy

Step 2:

Click on the Copy mode icon located on the left pane. This will open up a customization screen. From there, you can choose output size, define volume level, and do a lot of other tasks.

Once you are done with customizations, select the directory or disk where you want to copy the DVD.

how to copy a dvd in windows 10 with dvdfab dvd copy

Step 3:

Click on the Start button to begin the process of copying DVDs. You can pause or cancel this process anytime you want. You can even set your PC to automatically shut down or hibernate once the process is complete.

Besides, this program can also be an expert among these copy DVD to hard drive Windows 10 programs or copy DVD to USB Windows 10 applications.

dvd copy windows 10 software dvdfab dvd copy

Free DVD Copy Software

Except for DVDFab, we also have used some free DVD copy software Windows 10 available. All of them can provide solutions on how to copy DVD in Windows 10 and can get the job done.

AVS Free Disc Creator

AVS Free Disc Creator is the best free DVD copy software to copy movies in our opinion. It has a lot of helpful features that can be used to copy DVDs.

One of the most notable features is its ability to convert videos present in a CD or DVD into an ISO file which you can burn to another CD/DVD or save on your hard disk for later use. Plus, you can use their tools to edit and customize the copy based on your preferences.

You can use the Cover Editor to give your disks a professional touch. You can also use Drive Info to add metadata to your copies.


  • Clean user interface
  • Multiple-language support version
  • It will support major media types


  • This Windows 10 copy DVD software is not available for devices running on iOS or Mac OS.
  • You will need to provide your email address to download this Windows 10 DVD copy software.

How to Copy a DVD in Windows 10 Using AVS Free Disc Creator

Step 1:

Open AVS and click on Copy Disc on the toolbar located on top of the window.

Step 2:

Insert the disk from which you want to copy the files and videos. Go to the Input Drive Selection Dropdown List and select the optical drive. You can even select an ISO file from your hard drive.

Step 3:

If your optical drive can hold more than one disk, insert a blank disc in it. Go to AVS and select the disk from the Output Drive Selection Dropdown List. Else, you can select a location in your hard drive where it will store the copy as an ISO file.

Step 4:

If you have multiple discs inside your PC, you will see an option called “Copy on the fly” which will directly copy the contents of one disc to another. Otherwise, that option will be greyed out. In such a case, you need to store the contents of the first disk as ISO files. Then you need to select these files from the input selection and copy them into blank discs.

Final Thoughts

These were our favorite best free software to copy DVDs for Windows 10, and you also can click on the website to know more information on how to copy a CD in Windows 10. While the free ones have features good enough for simple daily use, DVDFab’s advanced features will ensure that you get top-tier results. The quality of your videos will remain the same, and you can copy multiple DVDs at once. Whether you want to copy a DVD to play it in your home theater or make a lot of DVD copies as a professional, DVDFab DVD copy has everything you need.

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