How to Copy a CD in Windows 10

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How to Copy a CD in Windows 10
How to Copy a CD in Windows 10

Are you looking for free software on how to copy a CD in Windows 10? Do you remember the days when we used to store our documents, photos, videos, games, and other stuff on CDs and DVDs? The portability of CDs and DVDs used to amaze us at that time.

Back to the present time, when you can’t even find a CD or DVD around you. But if you do, then maybe you’d like to have its data copied to some more technologically advanced devices before CD drives vanish from existence. And if you want to know how to Copy a CD in Windows 10 hard drive or flash drive, then you have opened the right page.

Note: Copying data from CDs (or DVDs) is also known as Ripping.

Here, we’re going to present a tutorial about how to copy a CD in Windows 10. We’ll tell you about two methods you can use to copy a CD in Windows 10.

Method 1: Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

If you are looking for free software on how to copy a CD in Windows 10, then there is nothing better than Ashampoo Burning Studio Free (we’ll call it ABS Free). It is a feature-rich application that can burn your CDs or make a copy of them. It works fast and is ideal for beginners because of its user-friendly interface.

Want to find a free CD copy software Windows 10 available? ABS Free is at your service. You are just a few clicks away from copying your HD or Ultra HD videos from your CDs using Ashampoo’s Free software.

If you are searching for how to copy a CD to another CD in Windows 10, then ABS Free is your answer. With this installed, you can copy music CD to flash drive Windows 10 anytime with ease. It keeps your metadata intact, which helps you identify your songs. Ripped songs are stored in MP3, WAV, or WMA (Windows Media Audio) format in your system.

ABS Free can be used as a disc burner, but here we’d focus on how we can use it to copy a CD in Windows 10. (Note that files protected by DRM can’t be copied, and ripping copyrighted files is illegal by law).

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free is available to download on their website. After installation, register for free with just an Email ID.

How to copy a CD in Windows 10 by Ashampoo Burning Studio Free:

  • STEP 1: Launch the application and open Settings.
  • STEP 2: Select the location of the Temporary File Storage from Settings. (You’ll understand the importance of this step later).
  • STEP 3: Now select the “Copy Disc” option from the Main menu.

cd copy windows 10 abs free

  • STEP 4: Insert your CD/DVD into the Disc Drive and let the program detect it. (A green tick on the screen will imply that your Disc is readable). You can select “Next” after the Disc detection is successful.

copy a cd in windows 10 abs free

  • STEP 5: Now, your disc data will be copied to a temporary folder on your system. Make sure you have at least 6 GB of free space in the drive where your temporary files will be stored. You can check the copying progress in a green progress bar shown on the screen. Click “Next” when it is finished.

Now here is a catch. When you click “Next” in Step 3, the next screen will ask you to enter another CD/DVD to burn the temporary files to it. But you want to copy files to your Hard disk.

  • STEP 6: Now navigate to the temporary storage location, which you set in Step 2.
  • STEP 7: Copy and paste them to another location, and you can use them as you want.


  • Free to download and use.
  • Fast and Easy to use.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • The application contains some advertisements because it’s free to use.
  • DRM Protected Files cannot be copied.

Method 2: DVDFab DVD Copy

This is the second CD copy Windows 10 software on our list. Unlike Ashampoo Burning Studio, DVDFab is not entirely free to use. Still, most of its features are available with a free version, and it can copy data from any protected or encrypted CD/DVD.

If you wonder how to copy CD Windows 10 available, DVDFab DVD Copy gives you a perfect answer. It removes copy protections like Content Scramble System, Analog Protection System), DADC, etc., before copying your files from the Disc. Its Cloud Decryption Service can decrypt the newest available encryptions within seconds so that you can access and copy from your new discs as soon as you get them.

DVDFab DVD Copy is a giant in providing solutions about how to copy audio CD in Windows 10. You can copy your Audio and Video CDs without any loss in media quality or compress a DVD-9 to DVD-5 for optimized storage. It also removes any watermarks inside videos and audio.

It also offers you a wide range of features while you copy a CD in Windows 10. You can choose to copy the full Disc or the main movie, clone/burn CD, merge multiple discs into another disc, split one Disc into two (without breaking it from the middle), and customize the content you are copying.

DVDFab promises “lightning-fast” copying and burning speeds. It preserves the metadata of the files to be copied and synchronizes them with the copied files. It can answer almost all your questions about how to make a Copy of a CD in Windows 10. Meanwhile, it is also copy music CD Windows 10 software.

How to copy a CD in Windows 10 by DVDFab DVD Copy:

  • STEP 1: Download and launch DVDFab 12. Insert the Disc into the disc drive.
  • STEP 2: Choose the “Copy” option from the top menu and use the Add button on the main page to navigate to the disc drive and select it. Alternatively, you can just drag & drop the source file if it is an ISO or a folder.

cd copy windows 10 dvdfab dvd copy

  • STEP 3: In this step, you can select a copy mode and customize the output DVD to be DVD-9 or DVD-5. Further, you can change the volume label and some advanced copy options. Now from the bottom-left, set the output directory location.

copy a cd in windows 10 with dvdfab dvd copy

  • STEP 4: Click on “Start” to copy files from your Disc. (You can cancel or pause the process any time you want).


  • High-speed processing ability.
  • Removes copyright protections from the Disc and Watermark from any media.
  • Lossless quality while copying.
  • Feature-rich application.
  • Cover user’s basic requirements about how to copy a CD with Windows 10.


  • Some features are unlockable until a subscription.

Final Thoughts

Both the software in this list are experts in how to copy CD on Windows 10. If you don’t want to use a copy CD to hard drive Windows 10 program free of charge, then Ashampoo Burning Studio Free is an optimal choice for you. Furthermore, if you want to find a program specialized in how to copy CD Windows 10, go for DVDFab DVD Copy. Finally, it is illegal to copy any copyright-protected item and use it for your benefit. You should be aware of the consequences of breaking the law. If you use them to copy your personal files from a disc, then it is absolutely safe, and we’ll always encourage you to back up your personal data. As technology develops, I believe several users want to learn about how to copy a DVD to your computer. Please click on the website for a better answer.

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