5 Best AnyDVD Alternatives

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AnyDVD is an application that automatically helps you remove the DVD and Blu-ray-media restriction in the background. It enables you to eliminate unwanted features in a movie consisting of FBI warnings, copy-right messages, and subtitles, etc. When you insert a DVD, AnyDVD HD enables an external application to be launched and prevents PC-friendly software from being launched in an automatic way.

Go to AnyDVD HD download. It offers decryption. And, it is also helpful to control the drive speeds. It shows that you have complete control over the noise level. Also, there you will see an option to adjust the display frequency of the monitor. Here, we will discuss a few best AnyDVD alternatives.

Five Top Picks of AnyDVD Alternatives

A lot of users may also try to search for free programs like AnyDVD and the best DVD alternatives. Here we are going to compile a list of the top AnyDVD HD alternatives.

1. Redfox AnyDVD

  • Price: 109 EUR
  • Compatibility: Windows

There are a lot of AnyDVD alternatives, but the Redfox AnyDVD can be the best one for you. It is an application for removing the DVD and Blu-ray media restrictions in the background for Windows users.

anydvd redfox hd


  • Redfox AnyDVD runs automatically in the background.
  • You will be able to eliminate the regional codes and restrictions from the Blu-ray and DVD.
  • It is helpful to disable the subtitles and more restrictions.
  • And it works immediately. You will not need to store the data on the hard drive during flight.
  • Moreover, it also enables you to skip or delete warning messages or studio logos.


  • It disables the RPC region codes.
  • You can remove forced delays and subtitles.


  • Functionality in a few clicks.

2. DVDFab Passkey for DVD

  • Price: Paid
  • Platform: Windows

DVDFab Passkey for the DVD is helpful for you to eliminate every protection to decrypt any DVD in order to make each DVD accessible, so you will be able to watch them free of cost with the third-party player software or your drive. This alternative of AnyDVD can be the best option for removing the copy protection.

anydvd alternativen dvdfab passkey for dvd


  • Passkey for DVD helps decrypt any DVD to remove all known RipGuard, UOPs, RC, etc.
  • When you remove the Copy Protections and Region Code, you will be able to watch any DVD free of cost with the player software or region-specific drive.
  • After removing the DVD copy protections via Passkey for DVD, now you will be able to make use of other software to edit the unprotected DVD content as per your requirements, such as burning, clone, copy. Moreover, the Passkey for DVD will also be capable of working with the software.
  • Passkey for DVD has been tested over time to be greater than other similar software throughout the market in terms of GDI, physical memory, and package size.
  • Passkey for DVD is upgraded on a constant basis to cope with the latest version of DVD protections offering users the features and changes of the recent times or latest improvements.
  • It enables you to change the DVD playback order free of cost. You can also eliminate the annoying PGCs for output movies. Moreover, you can also use it in your preferred language.


  • Passkey for DVD makes accessible all DVDs.
  • It enables you to work with software to Clone, Burn, and Copy.
  • The users can get new DVD protections as it is updated constantly.


  • Passkey for DVD has no major downside for the users.

3. DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray

  • Price: Paid
  • Platform: Windows

With Passkey for Blu-ray, the users will be able to circumvent the Blu-ray and UHD disc protections after inserting them in the drive, covering several disk protections such as Java Protection and BD+, etc.

anydvd alternative dvdfab passkey for bluray


  • The Passkey for Blu-ray enables the users to fix some playback issues of any Blu-ray ISO file and folders that have been encountered by any software, such as AnyDVD.
  • It is powerful in decryption; region codes and copy protections are no barriers to this.
  • You will be able to protect Blu-ray quickly with strong decryption ability and a quick reading process.
  • In fact, it is quite easy to use the software you have ever used. You will be able to end the whole process intuitively, even without having to tap or click while it is running.


  • The users will be able to finish the process when it is running quickly.
  • It comes with powerful decryption.


  • It is only usable for Windows devices.

4. DVDFab HD Decrypter

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Windows

DVDFab HD Decrypter is also one of the best free software. It can be the best choice for you if you are looking for free software such as Slysoft AnyDVD or AnyDVD alternative. You can use it for protection decryption and as a simplified tool to combine the DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, DVD Copy, Video Converter, and Blu-ray Copy.

anydvd hd alternative dvdfab hd decryptor


  • The DVDFab HD Decrypter enables you to compare and replace the DVD playback commands with the games.
  • You can also monitor the content progress with this tool.
  • After the trial period, you can use it free of cost.
  • It also helps you remove all DVD protections and Blu-ray disks like BD-Live, UOPS, AACS, etc.
  • For movie preview, it also comes with a built-in video clip.
  • Moreover, for editing, it also has several copy parameters.
  • You can also convert video to any format.
  • It also provides 50 unique updates per year.
  • Moreover, you will also be able to eliminate the watermark from the porcelain.


  • You can use it for Windows and Mac devices.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Realistic selection of output options.


  • You will not be able to rip the new discs.
  • It provides a few ripping options.

5. MakeMKV

  • Price: Partially free
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

As a good and cross-platform AnyDVD alternative, MakeMKV can be a good choice for you. It is helpful for the users in order to undertake the Bly-ray and DVD conversion in the videos. It doesn’t only copy the Blu-ray or DVD discs in a hard drive or blank disc, but it also enables the users to do it later with any other software, which is helpful to burn any video format to Blu-ray or DVD.

anydvd convertor makemkv


  • MakeMKV converts Blu-ray or DVD to MKV quickly.
  • It always provides quality video output.
  • Also, it enables interface localization.
  • You can use it on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.
  • Moreover, it is a standard application, which doesn’t require extra add-ons or applications in order to perform as an avid MKV converter or decrypter.


  • It is a multi-platform application.
  • MakeMKV is a fast DVD rip tool.
  • You will get an easy-to-use interface, which will be more convenient to accomplish and navigate tasks.
  • It can be an ideal choice for you as it is a trustworthy MKV decrypter for protected Blu-rays and DVDs.


  • It just provides output in the MKV format.


Here, we have discussed a review of AnyDVD and the five best alternatives of AnyDVD. You can download AnyDVD, and all the above-discussed alternatives of the AnyDVD are good, but the Redfox AnyDVD will be a better choice for you as it helps the users disable the RPC region codes and removes the forced delays and subtitles. We have discussed the Redfox AnyDVD review. Moreover, if you are not sure how to use it, you can ask your questions in the comment box. We are always here to help you.

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